inAleximusic Studio in LA!

Aleximusic Studio in LA, is a full service mastering studio…Our goal is mastering your project for maximum quality, for commercial release, promotional or demo use. We will achieve the best sound possible for your album.

Audio Repair: unparalleled quality of care when repairing audio.

We eliminate or reduce verbal flubs and noise such as hiss, hum, plosives (popped P's), sibilance (distorted S's), mouth and breath noise, wind, false starts, unwanted sections, repetitive words, long pauses, thumps, rumble, crackle, pops, sirens, animal noises, phone and computer sounds. We also adjust your volume levels and equalize the tonal balance of your recording. We even mix in your intro, outro, and sponsor messages you provide to us. When we're finished, you sound your very best!