Song-Just you and me-Dolly Parton Heartstrings-Neflix

Agamenmon Films - In Search of Michael Rockeffeler NEFLIX.

Additional music for the Fidel film, a Showtime/Hallmark.

Agamenmon Films-Cape Horn (Documentary).

Extensive documentary series, with the real pilots, the real story,
“ CHOPPER WARS.” produced by Gary Gray and Kevin Beechum.

NIKITA episode#304 Consequences-Aired 11/9/13 CW.

Song (GUNTALK) For film BENDING THE RULES 04/09/13.

Paramount Parkway 11/03/10- Korea.

Prison Break Fox 02/11/08- Hell or High water.

Wildfire ABC 03/05/07- Who are you.

Charmed WB 01/01/06- Mr. & Mrs. Witch.

Charmed WB 02/01/06 -12 Angry Zen.

Additional music for NBC series Kingpin Jan/Feb/03.

I-66 ATM-A Highway Symphony-Pulsar Advertising.

Bart Commercial. In S.F. CA
With actor Danny Glover.
All My Children 08/09/02, also 10/05/02.
Music for One live to live 04/15/02.

The Young And The Restless 12/03/01.
Music for All My Children 08/09/01.


Studied classical piano with instructor Alberto Santinelli. In 1978, entered the “School of Music in The Musicicans Union in Mexico city” and graduated in
1980 with a degree in : Orchestration, classical harmony, modern harmony,
arranging, and classical piano.
From 1981 to 1983 studied piano in the US with renowned Brazilian pianist,
Manfredo Fest.